Dr. Cripe Aims to Help People recover from Addictions and Brain Injuries

NTL Group is an association of the researchers and healthcare specialists whose main purpose is to assist those suffering from traumatic brain injuries, addictions, and neurodevelopmental delays recover in an efficient manner. The association combines neuro-engineering philosophies with neuroscience technologies that have given rise to pioneering programs, procedures, and cognitive rehabilitative methods for those with brain-based complications.

Curtis Cripe has been the part of NTL Group and is designated as the director of research and development. He works as a neuroengineer with a focus in behavioral medicine in the group. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, NTL Group offers neuroengineered services such as:

  • NeuroEval: It examines neuro function, biochemistry, brain physiology, skill levels, brain systems interactions, neuro development, individual personality traits and environment effects.
  • NeuroCodeX: It is exclusive report that includes the data gathered and offers the information in a methodical, easy to comprehend setup that aids the client along with the family understand their brain and its function.  The Report will include the problems that have been recognized through the NeuroEval and will mention the appropriate solutions that aim specific brain areas.
  • NeuroCoach: This is a perfect solution for those who experience neuro-developmental interruptions, addictions or head injuries. The programs offer targeted exercises while concurrently monitoring the client’s brain performance throughout sessions.
  • NeuroPathways: It allows the client and therapist understand how many times per week each client is allocated their program, span of time for each section of the program, when the program should alter or become more hard as the client achieves their objectives .

As a published research author and brain development expert, Dr. Cripe at present performs neuroengineering at NTL Group. He came into the arena of behavioral medicine after a positive engineering career. His endeavors in the behavioral medicine arena involve the establishment of Crossroads Institute, an association that assists family members who have experienced brain injuries or suffer from learning disabilities. He has also been developing programs designed to support brain development in young people who suffer from delayed development and aids wounded adults recuperate brain function.

Now a days, Dr. Curtis Cripe is a principal researcher at the NTL Group, Ltd where he discovers the fields of behavioral medicine and neuroengineering. He is known for his supposed leadership and is the accomplished author of several peer-reviewed journals and a number of books based on the subjects of research.   Dr. Cripe is a lifetime member of the Golden Key International Honor Society for Academics, a nonprofit organization. He is also an INPP instructor for brain development, Certified Neurotherapy Instructor, and Certified Peak Performance Instructor.

When he is not working or in his leisure hours, he loves to study and practice hydroponics (the process of growing plants in gravel, sand, or liquid, with additional nutrients but deprived of soil) and grows heirloom vegetables. Another favorite hobby of Dr. Cripe is to get involved in the task of beekeeping.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that Dr. Cripe aims to help people recover from addictions and brain injuries by joining the associations like NTL group.