Factors to Consider When Looking For Long- Term Elder Care

Anyone who has ever cared for an aging parent or loved one knows that it’s hard work. With the population getting older and baby boomers entering their senior years the need for extended elder care has never been greater. In Atlanta, as well as the majority of urban centers throughout the U.S., quality facilities which provide responsible, affordable, and professional health care to aging residents are in high demand.

Local consumers have the choice of a wide range of long-term care facilities in Atlanta GA. Those caretakers struggling to locate suitable accommodations for their loved ones must consider an array of factors before deciding on an appropriate senior care home. Making the right choice is an important decision and consumers need to be educated as to the various possibilities available within the Atlanta area. A valuable resource for those interested in learning more about local senior care is the Assisted Living Association of Georgia which provides valuable information as well as advocacy to seniors living in the Peach State.


According to the website payingforseniorcare.com the average cost of living in a nursing home is $215 per day. Clients can reduce costs by opting for a shared room which will significantly reduce monthly expenses. A variety of financial assistance programs are available to help with the costs of long-term care including limited coverage through Medicare.


Seniors suffering from serious health issues face unique challenges in terms of assisted living and home care options. It’s important to choose a facility which is designed to provide adequate and dependable on site health care geared to address both routine as well as emergency situations. In the Atlanta area there are a number of long-term senior homes which specialize in treating clients with specific medical problems.

A good example of this specialized care is the Arbor Terrace at Cascade which offers care for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


One facility which offers a wide array of services to its residents is the luxurious Insignia Senior Living Community. Among its long list of services this facility features a 24 hour bistro, nail and hair salon, spa, whirlpool, and emergency response system. With an emphasis on serving Atlanta’s Jewish community residents at this living community have access to kosher meals, religious programs, weekly Shabbat dinners, and an in house Kashruth Director.

Another option in regards to high end long-term care facilities in Atlanta GA is the Renaissance on Peachtree. This elegant seniors residence includes great views of the city, fine dining, a wellness center, exercise and rehab programs as well as a neighborhood living room.

With more and more advances in medicine and Americans adopting healthier lifestyles people are living longer than ever before. In order to ensure peace of mind with the knowledge that your elderly loved one is receiving the best possible care option caretakers must make some difficult choices and consider a number of important factors before deciding on an appropriate long term care facility.