Food That Detox The Body

There are many foods that detox the body or claims that these foods detox the body so let’s discuss some of the most popular.

Fruit & Vegetables

It may come as no surprise to you that the best foodstuffs to help you detox your body are simply fruit and vegetables. All fruit and vegetable are great types of food to eat and are full of natural goodness and vitamins.

Seeds & Nuts

Sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and flaxseed plus many others (unsalted) are crammed with nutrients. These  are ideal food types for snacking whilst detoxifying.


Many state that garlic is a powerful natural cleanser. Garlic is also suggested to boost the immune system and help to fight illness.


Cranberries are also thought to contain high levels of antioxides and nutrients. Many take cranberry based drinks to flush toxins from the body.

Fresh Fish

Fresh  fish is a favourite of those who like to detox but don’t like the restrictions of a fluid only detox diet. Obviously the fish should be steam or grill and not fried!


There is no better natural cleanse / detox drink  than water.

Natural Juice Drinks

Natural fresh juice drinks are also excellent for detox. If you invest in a good juicer you will be amazed at the tasty drinks you can create just by mixing a few different combinations of fruit.

There are many other “super foods” which seem to cause a buzz for a few months before fading away. You simply can’t go wrong with the one I have included in the list above. Eat healthy be healthy!