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Benefits of the House Call Doctors in Los Angeles Over 10 decades ago, it was common for doctors to make house calls in the USA. However, as time went by, the service ended up diminishing and at present very few of them conduct these visits. A major reason for this change would be the emergence of complex medical equipment and the growth of cities which makes it difficult to reach a patient’s home. In addition, the cost of attending to a patient at home is higher than while at the hospital. Despite it being a norm for patients to visit the doctors, a similar situation isn’t applicable in cases where these patients are old and weak. In this case, the patients will find it very hard to head to and from the hospital by themselves. When there is need for preventive treatment, most of the people end up forfeiting a visit to the doctors. Many people are likely to avoid it if it involves visiting the hospital since they consider themselves healthy. As a result, there might be a greater risk of infections that it would be if the doctors chose to visit homes. Just like it was back in time, it is now becoming more certain that house call doctors are critical and should be re-introduced. Despite all these, it is a difficult task to convince doctors in busy hospitals that they would be better off serving the patients straight from their homes rather than the hospital. One of the major factors that could bring hindrances is that travelling to a patient’s home would require more time and money. Even though difficult, there are still ways that could be implemented to make it work.
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Doctors on call are extremely helpful to patients who are in a critical condition. When attending to such conditions, the doctors will come equipped with the most appropriate tools and machines that would be used to give the most appropriate treatment. Technology has even made this process even more simpler. Doctors would need to have a phone, laptop, portable x-ray equipment or any other device needed to make the patient’s condition better.
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With doctors on call, there wouldn’t be situations where patients have to be rushed from home to the emergency room. Doctors will be arriving exactly at the home or wherever the patient is and begin immediately offering aid depending on the problem they are suffering from. Another positive factor about home treatments is that the patients wont shy off from raising confidential questions about their conditions and getting the doctors to answer.