How does Sleeve Gastrectomy Work as an Effective Weight Loss Surgery?

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy is an advanced procedure, which comes under the restrictive weight loss surgery category. This procedure can reduce the stomach size by approximately 85% by leaving a sleeve shaped stomach with a capacity of only 75 to 150 cc, based on the patient conditions.


The outlet valve and nerves at the stomach region is left intact in this procedure. The normal function of the stomach is also preserved even when reducing the stomach size largely. However, the sleeve gastrectomy procedure is not reversible as many other bariatric procedures.


How it works?


The new stomach, after sleeve procedure, functions with a few restrictions in food items which the patient can take. As the stomach size is largely reduced, the food quantity patients take may also get reduced.


·       Advantages of sleeve gastrectomy


The biggest advantage found in case of vertical sleeve gastrectomy is that removal of the major part of the stomach will further eliminate the production of many hormones which stimulate hunger, and naturally curb food craving.


Another considerable advantage of the weight loss surgery is that the procedure does not consist of any bypassing of the intestines as in case of gastric bypass. So, the patients need not have to suffer any types of complications involved in such procedures as obstructions in the intestine, osteoporosis, anemia, protein / vitamin deficiency etc.


Sleeve gastrectomy is suitable for the patients who are suffering anemia, Crohn’s disease, and many other allied medical conditions, which will prove out to be high risk factors in gastric bypass. Above all, this is one of the very few weight loss surgery procedures, which can be done laparoscopically in extremely obese patients with minimal complications.


Risks of undergoing the surgery


One major disadvantage could be that vertical sleeve gastrectomy is that sometimes it may not achieve the exact weight loss people would actually wish for. Over a long term, there is also chance for weight regain if you don’t follow a strict daily life regime. Some other rare complications of the surgery also include post-operative bleed, pneumonia, small bowel obstruction etc. with the need for stapling.


  • Who can undergo this surgery?


Basically, vertical sleeve gastrectomy procedure is suitable the most for those individuals who are categorized as extremely obese or those who have severe medical conditions associated with weight gain. This can be ideal in such cases where the doctors have ruled out the possibility of all other forms of weight loss procedures.


Usually, in extremely obese people, sleeve gastrectomy will be the first among the two-part weight loss procedures with the second one being performed once the weight of the patient had fallen sufficiently down to set open the possibility of other forms of weight loss surgeries.


Whom to consult for sleeve gastrectomy?


If you are facing trouble with obesity and want to effectively get rid of it, it is ideal to first attend the frequent seminars conducted by bariatric clinics. You can undergo their evaluation process to have a clear understanding about the particulars of your obesity, and the doctors will advice which type of a bariatric procedure will be ideal for you.