Scheduling a Teeth Whitening Consultation with Clinton MD Tricare Insurance Dentist


It is be everyone’s wish to have a confident smile, for which daily brushing and flossing may not be enough. Healthy teeth not only help you to have a charming smile, but it is also essential to ensure your overall physical health.

Any adult individual is using your teeth for many years now and a lot of things out there may have contributed to losing the natural color and strength of your teeth. So you may require an expert intervention to gain it back. Here comes to the role of a skilled dentist and certain clinical methods.

Aging also causes tooth discoloration. A proper teeth whitening treatment by a Clinton MD Tricare Insurance dentist helps at all such situations.

Tooth whitening

There are many methods offered by expert dental clinics, and here we will discuss about the process of teeth whitening, which is aimed to enhance the beauty of your smile by regaining the natural whiteness of one’s teeth. Tooth whitening can help lighten the denture and remove all sorts of stains and discoloration from it.

Whitening is now the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures. Usually, whitening is not a one-time process. You have to do it repeatedly from time to time if you want to maintain the glow for long.

Reasons for tooth discoloration

The outermost layer of our teeth is known as enamel. The bright color of natural teeth is due to the reflection of light on the enamel complemented by the color of dentin underneath it. usually, as thinner the enamel is, it allows brighter color of the dentin shown through it. Having rougher and thicker enamel can affect the reflection of light and thereby the color.

Each day with use, there is a thin coating which is called ‘pellicle’ is formed on the enamel to pick up the stains. Tooth enamel may also overtime develop pores which hold stains. The major reasons for tooth staining include;

  • Tobacco use
  • Drinking coffee, cola, tea, wine, and other colored liquids.
  • Improper dental care.

The process of tooth whitening

There are two major types of conventional whitening procedures as vital and non-vital whitening.

1) Vital teeth whitening

It is application of a gel containing directly on the tooth surface. Then a sort of light source is used to activate the gel and conduct a quick bleaching. The procedure may take 30 to 60 minutes.

2) Non-vital teeth whitening

Vital whitening may not be ideal to improve the color of teeth if you have done root-canal treatments as the stains on such tooth come from inside. In non-vital whitening, the dentist will put a whitening agent right inside the teeth with a temporary filling covering it. This will be left in place for many days until the desired shade is achieved.

Laser teeth whitening

It is the latest high-impact teeth whitening procedure. Zoom whitening using laser is an office procedure, which can lighten up the tooth up to eight to ten shades. The major advantage of zoom whitening compared to the conventional teeth whitening procedures is that it can produce radiant teeth in a single application.

One need to have to be worried about the tooth whitening procedure is the process is completely painless. With the most advanced technology being used for it, there is also no need to go to the dental clinic multiple times to undergo this procedure now.