Siddha Medicine Remedy Aids Fully

Now AIDS is curable!!!

Now AIDS is wholly curable. Even though it is unbelievable it is genuine. Siddha health-related program is just one of the common historic health-related techniques of India complicated to cure the awful illness AIDS. Dependent on the Siddha health-related program so quite a few conventional health-related practitioners of Tamilnadu, India were getting tried using to detect the appropriate prospective drug to cure AIDS.

But Dr. S.K. Balasubramaniam, Conventional Siddha Healthcare Practitioner in Erode, Tamilnadu, India was invented a drug specifically VAIROLINN which is extracted from some rare herbals. It is very prospective to cure AIDS a hundred% devoid of any residue. Vairolinn has presently handed different research this kind of one) Animal Examine 2) Pathological review three) Mobile to cell Examine and so on., which resulted that the Organic Medicine &ldquoVairolinn&rdquo has no facet effect and no harmful substances discovered provided Steroids.

From the commencing about 120 HIV affected clients were getting addressed with our drug Vairolinn. Most of the clients were wholly recovered from this awful illness within 6 months of procedure Interval. Only several of them need to have up to 9 months of procedure to recuperate wholly based on their HIV Viral Load.

For case in point, just one affected person specifically Mr. V. Sunderajan, Age 32 (in 1999) Male owning HIV Viral load originally about 2, 70,000 copies/ml has taken our Organic medicine Vairolinn frequently. Soon after 70 days of procedure his viral load reduced into one, 05,000 copies/ml (as 03.08.1999, 61.11% advancement) and subsequently reduced in to 506 copies/ml (ninety nine.81% Advancement) after one hundred sixty days of procedure and continued our procedure up to two hundred days. The affected person is continue to alive in fantastic Health Issue. Soon after the completion of 8 year Mr. V. Sunderajan was subjected to comply with up examination, an unbelievable and at any time reached end result as &ldquoHIV Viral load could not be ascertained&rdquo acquired. It simply just conformed that our Organic Medicine is wholly cure the HIV/AIDS devoid of any residue.

Even though it is a wonderful accomplishment, we could not able to industry the reported medicine directly thanks lack of monetary qualifications. Thus we decide to provide the products with complete technical facts or to industry the medicine with the collaboration of other individuals who have ample marketing prospective.

Exam reviews of several clients and reviews of different analyzed presently associated are also released in our internet site . Kindly check out our internet site to go by way of the reviews.

If you have any thought to industry our products, kindly get hold of us. We are constantly ready to make clear your uncertainties if any lifted and also ready to show the effectiveness of drug Vairolinn.

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