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Basic Information about Prescription Network Because of the high costs of medicine nowadays, citizens have to have help whenever they are sick. Prescription plans can be availed that will help a person on his or her medical expenses and one of these is Medicare. But with the release of the Medicare Advantage Plans and the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan, medicare became complicated and confusing to some who have not yet tried availing of the plan. In order to save some money, it becomes difficult to understand one’s insurance option, and to choose the best prescription drug that will save you some money. Unfortunately, even if one had selected a plan, the cost of medicines can still be a lot and some cannot even afford. Good that there are now many services which can assist citizens about their Medicare. Many give services at no charge and are not very much known. Let us discuss briefly some services that will offer help to you for your understanding about your medicare insurance options and also help you cut down costs of your prescription medication. For free Medicare counselling, every state is required to have free and this is through HICAP or Health Insurance Counselling Assistance Program.
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Another service is the Patient Assistance Program coursed through pharmaceutical firms that can give medication at no cost or at a small price to pay. You only have to show your proof of insurance and financial status together with the application that both of you and your physician who prescribed the medication. The rules of eligibility however could differ in each pharmaceutical establishment.
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Your Medicare Savings Program will help you pay some of your Medicare premium or deductible costs. Accompanying this is our Medicare Part B monthly premium, and note that depending on your earnings, the approval will based upon this. Next service that will help you is the Medicare Extra Help or Low Income Subsidy Program, under the prescription costs of Medicare Part D, like coverage gap, premiums and co-pays. For free counselling and advocacy for citizens on Medicare, there is another service called the Medicare Rights Center. In this office, the staff are extremely knowledgeable about Medicare even if they are not staff of Medicare. For those who are still working, they can refer for free advice from their Human Resource department about Medicare that you will soon be availing. Another service entity is the State Pharmaceutical assistance programs that help adults that are older to pay some of their medication expenses, but unfortunately, not all states have this service. Under the office of Veteran Affairs, those who have served in the military will be qualified for services and prescriptions. There are some excellent resources too that assist persons with co-pays for their particular medicines depending on the sickness.