What is a Perfect Nose?

As Los Angeles plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, I am often asked by my individuals to give them a great nose. Perfectly, there not just one great nose that can function for all people. When searching at images of types or stars who are viewed as to have attractive noses, just one can obviously see they all have diverse noses. It is not necessarily a selected size or form of the nose that would make it attractive but alternatively how properly the nose matches with the rest of the deal with.

Even so, there are general characteristics of a male and female know that men and women locate eye-catching. For case in point, in most ladies lifted guidelines with a carefully (concave) curve of the dorsum outcomes in a feminine and pure appearing nose. The dorsum is the major edge of the nose. Stop by my our rhinoplasty in advance of and soon after images portion to look at this kind of images. In the course of nose surgery (rhinoplasty), the hump on the dorsum is carefully shaved right until a pure appearing curve is achieved. The following phase in rhinoplasty is to increase the idea. In ladies the idea is lifted this kind of that the angle amongst the base part of the nose and higher lip is about 95-100 degrees.

The plans for rhinoplasty in men are somewhat diverse that people in ladies. In most men a straight (not curved) dorsum is extra proper. The idea is ordinarily lifted considerably less sustaining the angle amongst the base of the nose and higher lip of about 90 degrees.

Some men, nonetheless, will choose to have a carefully curve and the idea lifted greater.

So it is essential for any rhinoplasty surgeon, to devote more than enough time with the affected individual talking about his or her intention of nose surgery, as properly as likely outcomes and limits.

In my exercise, I meet with individuals at the very least twice in advance of the day of surgery to have these discussions.